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This is what you call freedom fighters, these are the young men risking their lives and everything they got so we can live like normal human beings in a democracy that respects basic human rights, its been 70 days of peaceful protests that turn into a bloodbath and the world keeps ignoring what is happening in the streets of Venezuela PLEASE share and help us not only raise awareness but raise funds so we can keep fighting this dictatorship and find justice for the fallen heroes WE CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE BLOOD WE CANNOT ACCEPT MORE VIOLENCE AND WE CANNOT LET THE GOVERMENT SILENCE US WITH THEIR GUNS! Please take a minute to review the linkS BELOW where you can find many organizations collecting money, medicines or donations, many of them are of close friends many of them are different people just trying to help but this is all VERY REAL so please pick the one you like, pick the one you feel more comfortable with but PLEASE pick one and if you cant donate at least share the link with someone you think who can! Every dollar counts and helps more than you think

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