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They say that in times of peril people show their true colors. I have always taken it upon myself to accept people for who they are regardless of their beliefs, ideas or opinions. I have done this because I believe that it reflects the purest form of democracy, it is the best way for me to contribute to a better and fairer society. This is why when those who I feel close to my heart surprise me with assertions of intolerance and indifference, I cannot help but raise my voice and remind them that they cannot go about their lives as if they were alone in this world. They cannot remain dormant to what happens around them and pretend that the social issues that affect us today are "not of importance" and since "they do not affect" them, then "they will do absolutely nothing about it". But what I believe is the worst part about this behavior is that they have the audacity to mock those who vocally express their concerns using the shallow argument of "there are bigger problems in life... this is survival of the fittest". I understand that everybody's fiber is not always moved by the same strings, therefore we cannot expect them to empathize with our struggles and worries, but that does not give them the right to discredit them. I genuinely invite everyone to listen, to look around and to feel for themselves without the biases of ideas, what is truly going on. Let this serve as the spark that helps keep the fire that fuels our fights and that simultaneously sheds the much needed light over those who have yet to understand a little bit better how this strange, ever changing, rowdy but ultimately beautiful world works.

That is why I decided to take a stand and use my voice to remind people that we are ALL immigrants and we are ALL united wether it affects us directly or not, thats why I invite you to donate to the tie together movement

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